Liz E. (lizenthusiasm) wrote in synth_widows,
Liz E.

at long last!

jen and i finally had our follow-up cake lab yesterday. our synth... the red sh-101:

the base was 2 8" square chocolate cakes, which jen cut and reassembled into the correct shape. she whipped up some sugar cookie dough to make the keyboard, which worked out really well. luckily, the kitkat black keys worked really well, scale-wise. i used most of a large bottle of red food coloring to get that special sh-101 red, and made a stencil of the sh-101 logo. the sprinkles looked pretty awesome, although the stencil only works so well and there was a lot of clean-up with tweezers. and then lots of decorating, with rolos, andes mints, tic tacs, black and white gel frosting, and a sugar cookie wheel.

voila, the sh-101.

and so you can get an idea of the scale:

the cake will be enjoyed/eaten tonight at the b-side at 8-ish. don't miss out!!

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